Alexey Titarenko: The City Is a Novel

blogEntryTopperThe City is a Novel is the first major monograph of the Russian photographer Alexey Titarenko, devoted to over 20 years of his work (1991- 2014) The book features City of Shadows his poetic essay on this home city of St. Petersburg as well as three other cities, Venice, Havana and New York. This retrospective is not to be missed by fans of his work. It is published by Damian. Documentary on Titarenko can be viewed on his website here

Retrospective Books

I must admit to having a soft spot for retrospective books. One of the latest I got was Harry Gruyaert see here and in true fashion gives the viewer an overview of the visual concerns, stylistic changes, if any, and development of the photographer over time. If coming to a photographer’s work for the first time a retrospective book can be the springboard for further discovery. With that in mind I would like to highlight two books from very different photographers which are about to hit the shelves and have piqued my interest.

The Austrian photographer Josef Hoflehner has produced many books in the last 20 years or so, none of which I acquired at the time of publication, so this new retrospective is an ideal opportunity for me to get really acquainted with his work which comes across at times as similar to Michael Kenna. Josef Hoflehner Retrospective 1975-2015 is a large format book published by teNeues will retail around €90. Some of his work and profile can be seen on Artsy

Jane Bown the celebrated photographer of The Guardian newspaper died in 2014 aged 89. In 2009 a book of her work for that paper, Exposures was published but now seems to be out of print. So it is great to see Jane Bown- A lifetime of Looking, hitting the shelves. Edited by Luke Dodd, this book is said to present the most comprehensive collection of the photographer's work - created during the 1940s through the 2010s. Published by Guardian Faber Publishing will cost around €35

Second Skin

South Tipperary Arts Centre in conjunction with The National Craft Gallery are showing Second Skin in the Main Guard Clonmel from Nov.4th- 6th Jan 2016. For anyone interested in Irish Craft Fashion, and indeed fashion photography, they will find this interesting. More details can be found here

DesignFest Clonmel

DesignFest Clonmel takes place 16-21 November. It is a collaboration between Limerick institute of Technology – Limerick School of Art & Design, Tipperary County Council and Irish Design 2015. It looks behind the scenes of the digital world we live in giving us a chance to meet some of the influencers in this ever-changing industry, and will present some of the work at the cutting edge where media, arts and digital design connect.
The Festival will host a range of exhibitions, workshops, lectures and audio-visual presentations, and a spectacular multimedia installation at the Main Guard on Saturday 21st.
DesignFest Clonmel is all about sharing, inspiring and creating. Most of the festival events are free to attend and open to all, though there are limited places for each. Come along to DesignFest Clonmel to hear successful artists, designers and film­makers share their insights, experiences and tips to inspire you in your own creative pursuits. For list of events visit website

Michael Kenna 2016 Calendar

blogEntryTopperAs an addition to this entry, Michael Kenna’s 2016 calendar from Nazraeli Press will mark the their 20th year to feature his work. Printed on an exclusive, uncoated, natural Japanese paper using Daido black ink, the duotone photos are life-size ( if not a little larger) when compared to his gallery prints and come as close to the originals as possible. I have got a number of these through the years and are really wonderful. Also they can easily be framed. Click the photo above to see the content on the Nazraeli UK site.