New exhibition and education venue

Delighted to see a new visual arts venue opening up especially one with a strong emphases on photography. Located in Wexford town, they have just had their Inaugural Photography Group Exhibition as part of the Wexford  Féach Foto Event , organized in collaboration with the Wexford Arts Council and funded by Creative Ireland. For more information visit their website here. Kamera 8 describes themselves as follows:-

Kamera 8 is an art co-operative,  also an exhibition and education space for photography and visual art. Located in the heart of the historic town of Wexford, Ireland, Kamera 8 sets out with a cultural agenda focused on standards, innovation, relevant education and cultural exchange between Ireland and correspondent art organisations throughout the world.  Kamera 8 will be working with both artists and members of the public in creating an active and democratic artistic hub, a space for exhibitions, knowledge and dialogue, with the goal of growing and nurturing the public’s interest in photography and visual art in the context of the wider cultural life of Wexford and Ireland.  Founded by photojournalist Claudio Nego, curator Anya von Gosseln and photographer Michael Snoek, with several decades of experience between of them and strong professional backgrounds, Kamera 8 creates the premises for a high standard approach but also for an integrative, multicultural experience.
Wishing them every success in the coming years.

Alexey Titarenko on The Artist Series

blogEntryTopperHaving first mentioned Alexey Titarenko book The City is a Novel here it became one of my favourite books of 2015. Great to see Ted Forbes video of Alexey in his excellent The Artist Series. A highly recommended series of videos allowing photographers to talk about their work and inspirations. Here is a sample of the book. As he writes in his essay City of Shadows, at the start of the book, “Universal emotions perpetuated during the last century…constitute the main themes of my photographs, to the extent of transforming the most documentary among them into elements of a novel — not reportage, but a novel, whose central theme is the human soul.”