Bookshops are best

I must admit that many of the photography books I buy these days are ordered online. And there are many good online stores. Among my favourites are The Book Depository, Amazon, Beyond Words, and photo-eye (US). But there is nothing like a good bookshop. There you have a place to browse and explore photography books that you may not be aware of, to make real discoveries. You can assess the quality of the books not only from a photographic point of view but also the quality of production.

One of my favourite bookshops is Vibes and Scribes 21 Lavitts Quay in Cork. They specialise in art and design books. If in Cork, I always make time to visit and explore. As well as new, they also deal in second hand books. It was here recently that I came across a very good copy of Jay Maisel's New York. it has long been out of print but new copies can be got from Amazon for over 100 pounds sterling. Mine cost €9.99. Another discovery was a signed copy of David Alan Harvey's book Divided Soul for €20. The only slight downside was that it was the spanish edition but it doesn't contain any long essays so not missing out there.


Online shopping is convenient and of course the choice is enormous but a good bookshop for me is still the best experience in book buying. Bookshops need our support now more then ever if they are to survive in this time of increased internet shopping.

Just to say that I have no connection with Vibes & Scribes, I’m only a happy customer.