Retrospective Books

I must admit to having a soft spot for retrospective books. One of the latest I got was Harry Gruyaert see here and in true fashion gives the viewer an overview of the visual concerns, stylistic changes, if any, and development of the photographer over time. If coming to a photographer’s work for the first time a retrospective book can be the springboard for further discovery. With that in mind I would like to highlight two books from very different photographers which are about to hit the shelves and have piqued my interest.

The Austrian photographer Josef Hoflehner has produced many books in the last 20 years or so, none of which I acquired at the time of publication, so this new retrospective is an ideal opportunity for me to get really acquainted with his work which comes across at times as similar to Michael Kenna. Josef Hoflehner Retrospective 1975-2015 is a large format book published by teNeues will retail around €90. Some of his work and profile can be seen on Artsy

Jane Bown the celebrated photographer of The Guardian newspaper died in 2014 aged 89. In 2009 a book of her work for that paper, Exposures was published but now seems to be out of print. So it is great to see Jane Bown- A lifetime of Looking, hitting the shelves. Edited by Luke Dodd, this book is said to present the most comprehensive collection of the photographer's work - created during the 1940s through the 2010s. Published by Guardian Faber Publishing will cost around €35