blogEntryTopperPhotobox is one of my favourite photography anthologies in recent years. Published in 2009 by Thames & Hudson, its a guide to 200 of the world's most outstanding photographers and their work. A list of the photographers included can be seen here


It is divided into into 12 categories:- Reportage, War, Portraits, Nudes, Women, Tavel, Cities, Art, Fashion, Still Life, Sport, and Nature. Each spread shows an example of the work on the right and a brief summary and biography on the left. Although this is concise, it is, never the less, rich in content.


As you can see, photos in a landscape aspect are turned to maximise their reproduction size, but it means rotating the book away from the text to view the image. In practise, for me, this works surprisingly well as it allows concentration on the work without easily darting back to the text.


Books like this can act as a springboard for exploration and inspiration into areas of photography one may not be familiar with. Very good reproductions, a vital ingredient in book of this nature, and at a reasonable price of around €25, Photobox’s compact size make this an approachable survey for photographers of all ages.