Walker Evans - aperture masters of photography

blogEntryTopperAperture has recently published an update to it’s 1990s masters of photography, Walker Evans book. I must say that it would make an excellent primer for the young photographer. If the book I mentioned on an earlier blog here is too expensive then this should fit the bill.



This hardcover book is about 8 inches square and has an introductory essay and excellent commentary by David Campany on the photos featured. All photos are printed one to a page on the right hand side with commentary on the left page - a simple elegant design.


The book shows work by Evans from as early as 1929 to as late as 1973/74 the late work being in colour and made with a polaroid SX-70 camera.


What is very impressive with this new publication is the quality of the printing. In beautiful duotone, this is about the best I have ever seen Evans work reproduced. When you consider that the book retails for about €16 this would make a handsome addition to any photography students library.



Book details here

Walker Evans- Depth of field

WE_bookYet another retrospective book is about to hit the shelves, Walker Evans: Depth of Field. Evans was one of the key American photographers who changed the course of art photography in that country from the domination of modernist abstraction to a more socially committed documentary photography. This book, published to coincide with an exhibition of the same name, promises to be quite comprehensive in it’s coverage. The photos in the book range from his earliest images taken in the early 1930’s with a vest pocket camera, to his final photos from the 1970’s, using the then new SX-70 because his regular equipment became too heavy to carry around. The book has the benefit of commentary from two of Evan’s longtime friends, photographers John T. Hill and Jerry Thomson. It is a large book 10 inches square approx. 408 pages, 350 b/w and 50 colour photos. It is published by Prestel. Price around €75.
Link to short video on Evans here