DesignFest Clonmel

DesignFest Clonmel takes place 16-21 November. It is a collaboration between Limerick institute of Technology – Limerick School of Art & Design, Tipperary County Council and Irish Design 2015. It looks behind the scenes of the digital world we live in giving us a chance to meet some of the influencers in this ever-changing industry, and will present some of the work at the cutting edge where media, arts and digital design connect.
The Festival will host a range of exhibitions, workshops, lectures and audio-visual presentations, and a spectacular multimedia installation at the Main Guard on Saturday 21st.
DesignFest Clonmel is all about sharing, inspiring and creating. Most of the festival events are free to attend and open to all, though there are limited places for each. Come along to DesignFest Clonmel to hear successful artists, designers and film­makers share their insights, experiences and tips to inspire you in your own creative pursuits. For list of events visit website